Best English School in Ireland

Best English School in Ireland

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I’ve been here only two weeks and I’ve enjoyed a lot. I hope to come back the next summer to the same host family. I’ll never forget the people that I have known here.
I love Dun Laoghaire!

Cristina from Spain, 2017

I have been here six months and I think it has been an unforgettable and amazing experience. I met a lot of people here in the school and I had very good teachers.
I learnt a lot of knowledge here so I have improved my English so much. As long as I had doubts or problems Tania was very nice and understandable.
This experience been so great, so I will go to Spain very glad and grateful.

Marina from Spain, 2017

Nice to stay here in Active Language Learning.
I hope that our ways meet again in the future for many weeks.

Ana from Spain, 2017

It’s a good experience. I’d like to repeat the next year.
It has been a marvellous experience, we have learned English and the most important thing that we have learnt is the Irish culture. You are a magnific school! I hope see you next year! Gracias por todo!!

Anabel, Gema, Antonio, Juanjo from Spain, 2017

It was a good experience for me with amazing people.

Fabio from Italy, 2017

First time here and guys it was amazing!
I will come back I think, prepare yourselves! I discover today the huge piece and the guitars! Next time, I will ping a lot! Prepare your ears!

Marina from France, 2016

Thank you very much for everything. I met lovely people in this school, I learned a lot. So, I had a greate time here.
Amazing experience!!!

Silva Dantas from Brazil, 2016

I loved this school I had a good time here.

Kelen from Brazil, 2016

My second time in this school. Thank you and goodbye Martinaaa.

Ruiko from Japan, 2016

It’s the best choice I could have done, I had fantastic teachers. And on top of that I improve my English a lot. Everything was fantastic. I won’t never forget this experience.

Jose Antonio from Mexico, 2016

Thanks for everything guys.

Lola from France, 2016

I’m glad to meet every people and I was improving a lot with kind teachers. Thanks a lot. Best wishes.

Lucy from South Korea, 2016

I don’t have complanes, I was very happy here, thanks so much.

Claudia from Brazil, 2016

Thanks guys for this great experience, I had an amazing teachers here and I first have to say thanks for everything that they taught me. Thanks Martina and Maggie.

Viviane from Brazil, 2016

Short but cool! Thanks for everything. Lovely teachers and partners. I will repeat for sure!!!

Elisa from Spain, 2016

Good teachers, wonderful atmosphere, I learned a lot and I’will miss this school, my collegues. Thank you so much!!!

Glaucia from Brazil, 2016

Short and sweet!! Thanks for everything. This has been a very good experience that I wont forget. Thank you!!!

Jimena from Spain, 2016

Beautful experience, lovely place, meets lots of new people. Hope will come back because it’s very nice school.

Agostino from Italy, 2016

It was an amazing pleasure to stay and meeting all of you! Thanks a million! Martina you’re a great and crazy girl! I loved to meet you! I hope to see you again soon!

Caula from Brazil, 2016

As usual it was great pleasure to stay here. Thank you so much for everything – teaching students in such a good way. We promise to be back as soon as possible!

Susanna from Austria, 2016

I definetly hate saying good bye. Thank you guys! All of you in school really. Special thanks for student and Paul, my first teachers, and Fiona and Steven, you are funny and very good teachers. Meg Ill never forget your Halloween performance and Martina, thank you for being crazy and lovely I love you guys!!

Laura from Brazil, 2016

Thanks for everything All! And don’t worry ill be back

Jessica from Brazil, 2016

It was a huge pleasure for me being a part of this institution. Thanks for everything!! Fiona and Stephen are the best teachers ever!! Martina is awesome!!

Jenniffer from Brazil, 2016

Thanks for all, I am very happy. I would like to come back here in the future.

Hector from Spain, 2016

It was good luck to meet you! Thank for everything Take care! Best wish!

Juhee form South Korea, 2016

Thanks a lot for all was amazing stay you all great. We enjoyed our stay. Your all great. We enjoyed our stay I really Hope to go back and see you again. Thanks

Samad from France, 2016

Thank you!! Im very happy!!

Ana from Spain, 2016

Thanks for everything!!

Auuo from Italy, 2016

Thank you everybody

Saudio from Spain, 2016