Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween


The 31st of October is Halloween. Halloween is an Irish festival, also popular in the United States. It celebrates the start of winter and the dark part of the year. In the past, people believed that on this day all sorts of supernatural creatures could come to earth and walk about in the dark looking for people to kidnap – the only way to avoid them was to be in disguise. From this, we have a tradition of dressing up as ghost and witches.

We will be having a party in the school to celebrate on the big day – on Wednesday 31st October. We will be doing some traditional Halloween games and there’ll be lots of fun. You can dress up for the part if you like – your teacher is sure to have given you some suggestions! Evening students are also welcome at our Halloween Party. Remember, Monday 29th of October is a bank holiday in Ireland so the school will be closed.

Tomorrow we also have an afternoon excursion to Glasnevin Cemetery. This is not only spooky, but also a great way to find out more about Irish history and the people who shaped it.

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