Class Rules

Class Rules

We want you to enjoy your course with us here at Active Language Learning, and we want you to get the most out of your classes. It is important that all students follow the class rules in order to ensure a happy and calm learning environment.

  • English is the language of the classroom. You must speak English at all times. This will help you to improve quickly during your course.
  • You may not come late to class. If you come to class more than 15 minutes late, you will not be allowed to enter. You must wait until the break.
  • You are not permitted to eat or drink in the classroom.
  • During your class, you are not allowed to use your phone unless the teacher has given you permission, e.g. to use as a dictionary. You shouldn’t use Facebook or What’s App, etc. in class.
  • You must behave politely at all times to your teacher and the other students, and you should expect them to behave politely to you.
  • You can only have attendance for the classes you attend. You can not have attendance for a class if you leave early.
  • You must come to school every day. If you can not come to school, you must email to explain why.
  • If you regularly do not attend class with no explanation, you will receive warning letters about your attendance. Persistant latecomers will be expelled.
  • Keep the classroom tidy. Throw your rubbish in the bin, don’t leave it on the table. The classroom is your learning environment and you should look after it.



I’d enjoyed every class, and appreciate the fact that every lesson was prepare and the content was right for the level


Wonderful experience – thank you


Very good school with a lots of different nationalities, I love this school