General English Courses for Adults
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General English Courses for Adults

General English Courses

Why should I choose general English?

Active Language Learning Adult General English Courses InfoPack
If you would like to improve all aspects of your English in a dynamic, engaging environment, this is the course for you. In our General English programme you will focus on improving your reading, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation, as well as improving on and learning new grammar. A wide range of classes and levels ensures that you will be placed with students of the same ability.

What are the classes like?

Classes are split into two sessions every day. You’ll have a different teacher for each class. This gives students a chance to experience different accents, different skills and a different teaching style.

Classes at Active Language Learning are taught with a strong focus on real-world communication. In your class, you can expect to have lots of pair and group work, giving you as many opportunities as possible to use the English you are learning. Students at ALL come from all around the world, so you will be able to use your English with people from other cultures.

Teachers like to bring in materials which are interesting for students, such as newspapers, magazines, short videos and even TED talks. At ALL, we believe that the best way to learn is through relevant and up-to-date material. There is also a culture focus in class – you can expect to learn about Irish culture, music and food.

Course Content

Courses at ALL follow a set syllabus so we can ensure that there are no gaps in your learning. Classes have a core text, which you can buy in reception. All of our courses are linked to the Common European Framework, which means that your final level and certificate will be clear and understood throughout Europe. Your teacher will explain the learning outcomes of the course upon your arrival and there are regular assessments to ensure you are keeping up with the class.


Depending on your level and the length of your course, you may change level during your time in the school. Students can change level following advice from their teacher or following a progress test. Students are welcome to talk to the Academic Manager at any time if they feel a class is too easy, or too difficult.

Extra activities

Here at ALL we believe that the best way to improve your English is to use it all the time! With this in mind, we organise social activities every week to create lots of opportunities for students to get together socially to speak English outside the classroom. We have conversation class twice a week, so you can chat with different teachers, as well as students at different levels. We run sports events such as football and rugby afternoons. We also organise different themed school parties so you can chat socially. Cultural excursions are also offered weekly and encouraged as part of the school ethos, where using your newly developing English skills are brought into real practice.


Key Information

  • 15 hours tuition per week
  • Monday to Friday
    09.30 – 12.45 or 13.15 – 16.30
  • Start Date: Any Monday
    (excluding Bank Holiday)
  • Minimum stay:
    1 week
  • Minimum age:
  • Maximum class size:
    10 Max (except high season)
  • Levels available:
    6 Levels from A1 (Elementary) to C2 (Proficiency)

What’s Included

  • Welcome pack (maps, local information)
  • Level test & teaching materials
  • 15 hours’ tuition per week
  • Free internet access, WIFI throughout the building
  • Resource Room, Study & Library facilities, Canteen
  • Certificate & skills report on course completion
  • Social programme (excluding entrance fees)

I’d enjoyed every class, and appreciate the fact that every lesson was prepare and the content was right for the level


Wonderful experience – thank you


Very good school with a lots of different nationalities, I love this school